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Charitable foundation

Who we are
The UIA Charitable Foundation is an independent grant-making foundation established in 2001 to provide financial support to charities where this can help make a positive difference. We are interested in supporting causes that are of specific interest to the members of our partner trade unions, our customers and our staff. The central principle of the Foundation is that our funding should make a positive difference  to the work of grant recipients over a period of time, challenging the root causes of injustice, oppression and abuse. Since inception the Foundation has made grants in excess of £500k to projects based in the UK and Internationally.

Where our money comes from
We are funded entirely by donations from UIA (Insurance) Limited, a mutual insurance company providing household insurance to trade union members, their families and other like-minded individuals.

Our aim is to support projects under two main categories: 

  • The Community Support Programme 
  • The World Programme 

In both areas, we are interested in working with charities who can demonstrate a strategy for change over a specific timeframe, supported through the achievement of project objectives that can be monitored and evaluated. We will consider projects that empower individuals and communities to improve their lives and the prospects of the community.

Our areas of funding
In considering where we provide our support we favour projects which focus on strategic engagement to tackle particular issues or problems faced by disadvantaged and minority groups. We may also consider activities that are potentially difficult to finance through conventional fundraising.

The Community Support Programme
This programme primarily aims to support charitable work within local communities in the UK but is not precluded from supporting smaller charitable projects Internationally. We look to fund charitable work which is delivered through the personal involvement of local volunteers where our support can empower them to make a difference to others and the development of the community as a whole. We firmly believe that in order for a community to be strong it has to recognise and value all of its members. We are therefore committed to programmes that bring tolerance, inclusion and value to people of all backgrounds, regardless of ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, age, physical or mental challenges.    

In particular, (but not exclusively) the programme will provide support across the following areas:

  • Tackling homelessness
    To provide support to organisations engaged in meeting the on-going needs of homeless people and finding, where possible, lasting solutions to their problems through the provision of affordable housing.
  • Victims of domestic abuse
    We are committed to helping victims to escape from abusive relationships.
    In particular we are keen to support the work of refuges in providing a safe and secure environment for victims. We are also keen to support projects which meet the on-going needs of victims to allow them to achieve financial independence through developing their skills and through enterprise initiatives which provide opportunities for victims of domestic violence.
  • Rehabilitation of offenders 
    We are keen to support projects that are working with prisoners and ex-offenders to help them improve their skills and employment prospects, through education and training and to reduce reoffending.
  • Support for the elderly
    We look to support local initiatives seeking to address the problems of isolation and loneliness and to support the care networks that they rely on, including initiatives working to provide (non-residential) respite care for carers.
  • Support for young people
    We wish to help nurture safe, strong and healthy communities through the support of organisations that are working with young people to alleviate discrimination. We are interested in supporting and nurturing young talent and empowering young people to fulfil their potential, particularly if this is being achieved against a background of financial adversity or disability.     

The World Programme
We will support initiatives that address the causes of poverty and improve human rights throughout the world. 

  • Addressing poverty
    Our grants are designed to provide support to organisations that focus on empowering people to improve their lives and the development of their communities through education, training and enterprise initiatives.
    In particular we are interested in helping women fulfil their potential and encouraging women to become leaders. Addressing gender inequalities is often a crucial factor in enabling women to transform their lives, their families and the lives of other women in the community.
  • Improving human rights
    We will support initiatives throughout the world that seek to address the right to work, to fair and just conditions of employment and the right to form trade unions. 

What else you should be aware of
The Foundation will not fund work (for UK projects) which we believe should be publicly funded and for retrospective projects that have already been completed.

The Foundation will not normally provide funding for organisations with an annual turnover in excess of £500,000 unless that organisation is acting as a conduit for a partner that fulfils this criterion and may find it difficult to obtain access to funding through independent channels.

We can only provide support to registered charities or formally constituted voluntary organisations based in the United Kingdom. We will not provide support to organisations whose combined grant related support costs and governance costs are greater than 10% of their turnover.

How much does the UIA Charitable Foundation award for individual donations?
Our grants range in size from a few hundred pounds to £5,000 for individual donations but we will consider funding for development projects on their individual merit. However organisations need to be clear about the specific amount required, the timescales for the achievement of objectives and how the project will be monitored and evaluated.

How does the UIA Charitable Foundation award grants?
UIA and its key partners, members and staff proactively seek and nominate good causes all year round for consideration at Trustee meetings. At present, trustee meetings are held twice a year in February and September. Receipt of a nomination does not guarantee that it will be considered at the next meeting. You will be informed of the decision in writing as soon as possible after the meeting.

For further information, please contact: 

UIA Charitable Foundation
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