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five handy assistive tech gadgets

Handy assistive tech gadgets

Here we look at some of the latest devices that are empowering people with disabilities at home and at work…

The Bed Sensor

The Bed Sensor is a great piece of kit for families and carers of people with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. You position it between the mattress and the base of the bed. If the person gets into bed then gets out again and does not return within a preset time, the carer will be alerted via an alarm. A bedside lamp can be turned on/off automatically using a Remote Controlled Mains Switcher Kit. All “in-bed” and “out-of-bed” activity is transmitted and logged. tynetec.co.uk/telecare-devices/bed-sensor


Eye Gaze Edge

This amazing piece of tech allows users to communicate using the power of their eyes. By looking at a keyboard on a screen they can type messages or select pre-programmed phrases. To “press” a key, the user looks at the key for a specified period of time – typically about half-a-second. Eye Gaze Edge is being used to help people with disabilities attend school, write books and enhance their quality of life. eyegaze.com



This wristband looks and works like a fitness tracker but it’s actually a personal emergency response service. If you press the alert buttons for help, or if the system detects that you may have fallen, a 24-hour monitoring service can find information about your location, talk to you through your Buddi to establish the kind of assistance you require, and notify your emergency contacts. This is ideal for people who live alone, are at risk of a fall, or who might lose their way while out and about. buddi.co.uk


Bradley Timepiece

This wristwatch not only looks super stylish but it’s practical too, especially if you’re visually impaired. Instead of traditional watch hands beneath a glass casing, two exposed ball bearings indicate the time – allowing you to check the time through the touch of your finger. eone-time.com



The Magiplug is a super-handy gadget that warns you if your bath is overly hot in temperature and releases water if your bath is in danger of overflowing. It fits into your bath like a conventional plug, and you don’t need any special fittings or plumbing. While a Magiplug is great for all bath owners, it’s particularly useful for people prone to forgetfulness. magiplug.com

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