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Are these the DIY storage ideas you’ve been looking for?

We all want to come home to a tidy house, but life often makes it difficult. These DIY storage ideas could make all the difference.

Clutter is one of our great home challenges. In fact, Britons are so starved for space that they’re turning to self-storage units, with these facilities now covering 42.2 million square feet in the UK – the equivalent of 15,000 tennis courts.

This may well be down to having a lack of space at home, which is a problem for 27% of those surveyed in the UK. Luckily, help is at hand; innovative, DIY storage ideas are popping up all the time. Here, we have picked out five great solutions for you to try.

1. Multi-purpose storage

A great space saving option is furniture which doubles up as a storage unit. With an ottoman stool the seat acts as a lid that can be lifted off and items stored inside. They’re popular at the moment, so they are available in most furniture or department stores in varying styles and sizes, giving you a simple storage solution that fits the décor and layout of your room.

You can also buy an ottoman bed that offers much more space underneath, but they are, as you might expect, a more expensive option. If you need a new bed, they’re definitely worth a look.

Other multi-purpose furniture options include storage chests that can double up as a coffee table or ultra-stylish window seats that can store your magazines underneath.

2. Bike storage

Bikes are growing in popularity in the UK, including electric (e-)bikes. According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, 5% of all UK adults say that they are ‘likely’ to buy an e-bike in the next 12 months.

The question is, where do you store it? “It’s normally straightforward if you own a garage or roomy shed,” says Craig Cunningham from Cycling Weekly, “however, not everyone is so lucky.”

It means clever solutions will be on the agenda this year, for example, the Cycloc Endo bike hook, a small and easy-to-install hook for your wall that allows you to store your bike vertically, or the Topeak Two Up stand, which can store two bikes without the need to mount it onto the wall.

3. Go magnetic

You may have seen magnetic boards used to hold metal tools in a garage, but how about in the rest of the house?

IKEA says: “Stashing knives on a magnetic rack near your food preparation area is more convenient than having them all mixed up in a drawer.”

Magnetic noticeboards also offer an affordable solution that is easy to install, and which can be used in various rooms, from the kitchen to the bedroom.

4. Under the stairs

Under stairs work space with storage, giving an idea of how this space can be maximised

Depending on how your home is designed, you could have space under the stairs. It’s very easy for this area to become wasted space, but with a bit of imagination, it could become anything you like.

DIY Doctor, for example, recommends using the space for something simple but effective, like a cupboard. If done well, they say it “not only gives you extra storage space, but something that is also stylish, practical, and well organised.”

You have license to get creative depending on the size of the space. How about a unique bookshelf, a drawer to store your shoes, or even a wine cellar? You might even fancy the idea of creating a seated area to use as a reading nook.

Under the stairs could also provide the ideal location for a utility room or pantry, with large appliances that might not fit in your kitchen, such as a washing machine or tumble dryer, potentially finding a place here.

5. Things are looking up

This year, clutter-free storage solutions are making the most of height.

From having taller chests of drawers to simply hanging items, such as shelves, higher up the wall, this solution could be perfect for those of us with a bit less space in our homes. Hooks can also be fitted high up on the wall or on the back of doors and provide perfect storage space for coats, bags and scarves.

Floor-to-ceiling cabinets could work in a bedroom or even in the kitchen and, as suggested by Design 2 Fit Kitchens, can double up as both a storage solution and a feature wall.

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