6 things your home and contents insurance might not cover

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6 things your home and contents insurance might not cover

6 things your home and contents insurance might not cover


All insurance policies vary, so before you part with your cash read the small print and make sure all your prized possessions are covered… 

Moving into a new home can be an expensive business – especially when you have deposits and bills to pay and household goods to buy. So, when it comes to home and contents insurance it can be tempting to go to the first price comparison website and buy the cheapest policy you can find. Unfortunately this can lead to valuable possessions being left without cover.

Here, we list some of the common things people forget to insure:

1. Pets

We all know you need a separate pet insurance policy should your beloved dog or cat get sick or injured, but what if your pet damages your home? Most home insurance policies don’t cover damage caused by pets to furniture and carpets (such as chewing, scratching, or tearing things) – so check the small print and take out additional cover if necessary.

2. High-value items

Your grandmother’s ring or your state-of-the-art sound system may be your most prized possession, but what if it gets damaged and you find you’re not insured? Some insurers will have no upper limit for the amount you can claim, but it depends on their definition of a “valuable” item. Check your policy to ensure you have adequate cover.

3. Digital downloads

We live in a digital world where many of us hold entire libraries of books, CDs, games and films on our digital devices, so what if that device was stolen or damaged? Many insurers now provide insurance for digital downloads but it’s always worth checking the policy to ensure you don’t get caught short.

4. Damage caused by children

We love our kids dearly but we all know that from time to time accidents do happen. Remember that time little Jonny spilled that pot of emulsion all over the carpet? Or when cute-as-a-button Chloe knocked over the new flat screen TV? While you could make a claim on the TV, that lick of paint to the living room floor comes out of your own pocket if you don’t have an accidental damage policy. For an extra £20-£100 you can extend your cover – definitely worth considering if you live in an busy household.

5. Possessions outside the home

Mobile phones, laptops, cameras, handbags, wallets, clothing and jewellery are items we use both in and out of the home. So are they covered by home and contents insurance? While your items are in your home, they are covered by your contents insurance; as soon as you take them outside of your home, they’re not To make sure your belongings are protected when they leave your house, you need personal possessions cover. The best advice is to check the wording of your policy and take out additional cover if required.

6. Bikes

With more and more of us taking to the road on two wheels, thanks to greener cities initiatives, we want peace of mind that our bikes are insured – especially when they can cost well in excess of £1,000. If you’ve recently bought a bike you might need to top up your existing policy or take out bespoke cover. Also, check the policy wording, as many insurers won’t pay out if your bike isn’t safely secured on your premises or if it’s stolen while you’re away from home. If you have contents insurance with UIA, bikes are covered under Contents within the home, but check your policy for Pedal Cycles cover – its specialist bike protection for when you’re on the trail outdoors.

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