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Back to School: 3 Home Security Tips for the School Run

Suddenly time seems to disappear and the kids need rushing to school. Then it leaps to the end of the school day and the kids need picking up again. Oh, and you need to take their swimming kit for swimming club. They’ll need a snack too.

You fly out of the door, ensure it’s locked, and hop into the car. But you left your windows open. Did you also shut the back door you had open all day? You won’t be back for a couple of hours – plenty time for an opportunistic burglary. Too much stress.

Don’t panic. To avoid these added worries, here are our top things to check before leaving the house on the school run or dashing out to the kids’ extracurricular activities.

Open Doors and Windows

It’s that feeling of a breeze through the house and the back door open. You’re catching the last of the warm weather before it gets too cold. Take a moment to check they’re closed before leaving the house to ensure your insurance is valid.

Check the garage door is locked too if you are taking your car out and in.

Appliances Switched Off?

Your teenager’s straighteners and tongs left switched on could be a major fire hazard. As you leave for the school run, why not get your kids to check their straighteners are switched off and unplugged from the wall? Your kids can help you reduce stress on the school run.

The same goes for the iron you were using for uniforms last minute and left switched on in a hurry – remember to check it’s off. Are you cooking the kids’ meal just before picking them up? Don’t forget to switch off the hob too!

Expensive Toys

If your kids play with their game consoles, laptops or expensive toys in the morning, we know you don’t want them spotted by passers by. Check they have been tidied away so they stay safe and nobody stands on them in a hurry out of the door to school.

…and One Extra For The Road

Do these school run road confessions sound familiar? Cutting up fellow school run parents, blocking the road whilst dropping off kids, getting regular road rage and speeding because they’re late. Please take that little extra care on the road.

We completely understand life gets hectic and the stress of the school run becomes the focus in the moment. So, why not try making a little checklist that goes on the back of your door? You could even give the kids an item each to check. We hope this list helps to take a bit of stress out of your day.