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Explosive Celebrations: Stay Safe With Fireworks

October marks the beginning of the year’s fireworks-filled festivities from Diwali to Bonfire Night to New Year. At UIA, we want you to have a fantastic time celebrating safely. Autumn is a great time to bring friends together to watch spectacular displays and create your own show in your back garden. However, if you are having a party with fireworks, please bear in mind the safety of not only you, your friends and family, but your home too.

Here are our key things to remember when setting up your firework display to keep your home safe.

Party Safely

Before you set up your fireworks, check off this list:

  1. Make sure you are setting off fireworks at a safe distance from buildings, cars and sheds.
  2. Check there are no trees and bushes nearby that could catch fire.
  3. Ensure you have a large enough space to retreat a safe distance from lit fireworks.
  4. Put pets inside the house and close the curtains to create a space that feels safe.
  5. Don’t leave fragile items in the same room as your pet in case they get scared and knock something over.

During the fireworks, make sure everyone is safe:

  1. Keep everyone at a safe distance away from the fireworks.
  2. Set up the fireworks according to the instructions, not balanced in bottles or shoved into sand where they could tip over or get stuck.
  3. Use a taper at arm’s length to light the fireworks.
  4. Ensure fireworks are directed up, not tilted toward people, buildings or trees.
  5. Be aware of wind that could blow fireworks toward buildings.

Once you have enjoyed a spectacular display, make sure to clear up the debris safely:

  1. Soak any used firework canisters and used sparklers in water before disposing.
  2. Pick up and bin any rocket sticks and debris from the fireworks.
  3. Never put any fireworks, even if they’re spent, on a fire.
  4. Never dispose of fireworks by burying them.

Check that your home is fully covered in the case of an accident. At UIA, we can help you with any queries you may have about your cover and things you can do to protect your home.

Have Fun, Stay Safe.

Have a fantastic time celebrating with friends and fireworks. Follow our tips for a safe firework party for nights of explosive fun.

For more firework safety information, see links below.

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