Heart Unions Week 2020- 5 Reasons to Join A Union

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Heart Unions Week 2020 - Five Reasons To Join A Union

For 130 years UIA have proudly supported the union movement by providing great value, high quality insurance to trade union members and their families. In celebration of Heart Unions Week 2020, here are five reasons to join a union:

1. Equality and diversity

Unions fight for the rights of workers to be treated equally and have access to the same opportunities. Companies that engage with union organisations are more likely to offer their workers better than average maternity, paternity and redundancy policies. Unions also stand against injustices such as unfair benefit sanctions.

2. Safety

Unions help enforce appropriate welfare rights and ensure adequate health and safety in the workplace. The hard work of Union representatives has helped shape legislation for safer working conditions across a multitude of industries.

3. Support & Representation

Becoming a union member gives you access to advice, help and support. Most Unions provide legal advice if you need it, and the expertise of their network of reps and dedicated solicitors. Many Unions also provide free debt advice, and financial advice & planning.

4. Training and Learning

Joining a union can provide you with free training courses that develop skills to help forward your career.

5. Discounts and Offers

Union membership has its perks. Becoming a union member can give you access to a wide range of discounts and exclusive offers in areas such as retail, finance, health, home, & legal support. At UIA Mutual we have worked with our union partners to provide great value, high quality home insurance to trade union members and their families for 130 years. Already a union member? Why not get a quote.

Remember, you have a legal right to join a union. It is illegal for an employer to disadvantage you in any way because you are a union member.