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How to Have a Green Halloween

Halloween is a time for sweets, silliness, and sadly, single use plastic. However there are many eco-friendly ways to enjoy a sustainable celebration, without cutting back on spooky fun or breaking the bank. We’ve put together our tricks (and treats!) for a greener Halloween:

Pumpkin Patch Party

Make an event out of picking your pumpkin at your local pumpkin patch. It’s fun for the kids, and you can reduce the number of food miles your pumpkin has travelled by sourcing it locally.

Zero Waste Pumpkins

Check out Pinterest for some delicious recipes such as pumpkin bread, or roasted pumpkin seeds, to make with the innards.

Funky Pumpkins

Tired of your pumpkin turning into mush within days of carving it? Try out some no-carve pumpkin ideas. Make sure to decorate your pumpkin with materials which can easily be removed. Painted pumpkins cannot go in your food bin to be composted, and will end up in landfill. Crayons are great for kids as you can easily melt off the wax in a low oven.

Recycled Décor

Rather than buying plastic decorations destined for landfill, add some spooky flare to your house with recycled DIYs. Have some empty candle jars? Wrap & tie cloth bandages around them to create mummy tea light holders. Transform toilet roll tubes into bats with some paint and black card. Check out charity shops for craft supplies such as foam, card, and pompoms, for affordable embellishments.

Costume Conundrum

Halloween costumes are expensive and don’t get much wear. The textile industry is far from sustainable, so try second hand. First up, raid your wardrobe to put together a costume from garments you already own. Going to a Halloween party with new people? Don’t be afraid to reuse last year’s outfit. Swap costumes with your friends and family. Scour eBay and charity shops for items you can DIY a unique costume from. Speaking of DIY, Pinterest has some great costume ideas recycling cardboard boxes. If you have your heart set on an extravagant costume, but don’t have the patience to make your own, rent one from your local fancy dress shop.

Spooky Bake Off

Love a bit of baking? Make a batch of cookies or brownies to offer trick or treaters. Paper bags filled with homemade popcorn are a delicious gift which won’t break the bank. Chocolate truffles are an easy option needing just two ingredients and very little skill. However if you are up for a challenge, try chilling and dipping your truffles in chocolate, and adding decoration to create little characters.

Crafty Collecting

Rather than buying plastic trick or treat buckets destined for landfill or ultimately the ocean, use a reusable canvas bag to collect your kids’ goodies in. Better yet, turn it into a fun Halloween craft by getting them to decorate their own bag.

Preparing for Halloween can be tricky but hopefully our tips have given you some easy green swaps to help the environment and save your pocket. Check out our Pinterest account for more ideas. During spooky season buying insurance may not be at the top of your list, but UIA Mutual ensure you and your family are offered competitive premiums on your Home, Car, Travel and Pet Insurance – so that’s one less thing to worry about.

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