How to Reduce Common Threats Covered by a Home Insurance Policy

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How to Reduce Common Threats Covered by a Home Insurance Policy

How to Reduce Common Threats Covered by a Home Insurance Policy

As a homeowner or renter, you may decide to take out a home insurance policy each year to provide cover from the potential threat of natural events such as storms and flooding, fire and smoke damage and from possible harm caused by vandalism and theft. However, there are a number of precautions you can take that will help to reduce the threat of these events; after all they do say prevention is better than the cure!

Protect your Home with Additional Security

The contents of your home will be at most threat from events such as burglary which is why you should ensure your home insurance policy includes enough cover to repair and replace the contents of your home should an insured event occur. It can be a time-consuming task to calculate the value of the entire contents of your home which is one reason why UIA includes cover up to £75,000 as a standard part of every contents insurance policy.

However, UIA recommend a number of ways to reduce the risk of burglary and theft; the most common of which is to install a burglar alarm which should be visible from the front of your property. This will sometimes be enough to deter burglars but ensuring your alarm is working properly is vital to scare off any thieves trying to break in. If you’re renting, see if this is something your landlord would consider.

Window locks are another way to provide valuable security, especially for properties with a lot of expensive contents on show and for ground floor flats and studios. Additionally, smart bulbs and plugs can be used to create the appearance of someone being in the property and are certainly worth considering before leaving the home empty for a few days or more.

Protect Property with Regular Maintenance

When you take out a UIA home insurance policy, as standard you will receive up to £1,000,000 on buildings cover. This amount of cover normally ensures you are covered should an insured event occur on your property.

Fire damage is considered to be one of the most serious and dangerous threats covered by a home insurance policy which is why UIA strongly recommend you install a fire/smoke alarm.

Flooding can also cause considerable damage to your property, so if the area you live in is susceptible to high levels of water fall, UIA recommend that you sign up for text alerts so that you can be prepared should the risk of flooding increase in your area.

Maintaining your property regularly and checking wiring and guttering will also reduce the risk of damage; as will being part of a neighbourhood watch scheme.

These small security and maintenance measures can go a long way to preventing burglaries and vandalism - some of the common things covered by a UIA home insurance policy.

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