Scottish Fire Safety and Smoke Alarm Regulations

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Scottish Fire Safety and Smoke Alarm Regulations

From the 1st February 2022 all households in Scotland must have interlinked fire alarms fitted.


What are the new rules?

According to the new Fire Safety and Smoke Alarm Regulations that came into force earlier this month for Scottish households, every home must have interlinked smoke alarms installed in

  • the room most frequently used during the day
  • every hallway and landing (one on each story)
  • one heat alarm installed in the kitchen.

The alarms must be interlinked, meaning all the alarms will sound regardless of which one has been triggered. This will alert everyone in the property irrespective of how close they are to the incident.


When do I need to install these?

The new law came into force on 1 February 2022, but provides flexibility for people to fit the necessary alarms within a ‘reasonable period’ after this deadline.

Some funding to help elderly and disabled people meet the new standard is available through Care and Repair Scotland


How does this affect landlords and tenants?

If you are renting a property, it is the responsibility of your landlord, local council or housing association to install these.


Does this affect my home insurance?

Having a smoke alarm fitted isn’t one of the eligibility criteria for insuring your property with UIA Mutual, (unless we have stipulated this as an endorsement). We do however, always strongly recommend that you have them installed to keep you and your property safe.  

If you have recently fitted smoke alarms, or heat detectors in your home, please let us know as it’s important that we have up to date information on your property in order to provide you with our most accurate renewal price. You can do this at


Further Information

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