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Secure a pet-friendly rental easily with these top tips

Secure a pet-friendly rental easily with these top tips

ThinkstockPhotos-78746188If you’re looking to rent a property with your doggy, moggy or even your pet hamster, you need to get your landlord on side.  

Almost half of the UK population owns a pet, and predictions suggest that one in five homes will be privately rented by 2016. This means that the demand for pet-friendly rental properties is higher than ever.

Finding rental property that allows pets can be difficult, so when you do find that perfect flat or house you want to hang on to it.

In order to avoid any pet-related rental property issues:

DO introduce your pet to your landlord

If a potential landlord is wary about letting your pet stay, invite them to meet your pet. Giving them the chance to see how well behaved your four-legged friend is should help put their mind at ease.

DON’T sneak pets in without permission

If your tenancy agreement says no pets, then it generally means no pets. If you do sneak a pet in you risk losing your deposit or, at worst, being evicted.

DO make sure you’re insured

If your pet damages your rental property in any way, you’re liable for it. So make sure that you have adequate insurance cover. Most home insurance policies have accidental damage cover, but often not for damage caused by chewing, fouling or scratching animals – so read the small print! Chances are you may need to take out a separate accidental damage policy to cover your pet.

DON’T leave your pet home alone

Moving house can be a traumatic time for a pet, so the worst thing you can do is leave it by itself all day while you trot off to work. If you can, get someone to check in on them to see that they’re ok. Also, keep pets stimulated at home by giving them toys and awarding them treats for good behaviour.

DO offer to have your flat professionally cleaned

One of the main things that puts landlords off allowing pets in their properties is the fear of dirty carpets, pet hair, fouling and flea infestations. Put their mind at rest by offering to pay for the property to be professionally cleaned before you move out. It could even be added as a clause to your tenancy agreement.

For more advice on renting with pets and for a list of pet-friendly rental property head to Dogs Trust Lets With Pets and if you’re renting for the first time, here’s a quick checklist to make sure all your prized possessions are covered. Looking for cover to ensure your pet is in tip top condition? Get a UIA Pet Insurance quote today.