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Storm and Flood Advice

Storm and Flood Advice

During 2012, UK insurers handled 411,000 claims for flood and storm damaged homes, at a cost of £690 million.

The above statistic from the ABI, demonstrates the benefit of having adequate insurance for your home and as Nick Starling from the ABI points out – ‘the vital role insurance plays in helping communities recover from increasingly volatile weather’.

Flooding is considered the greatest natural threat facing the UK and the risk is increasing with more housing developments being built in high flood risk areas.

Although we can’t stop floods, there are things we can do to reduce the impact on our homes.  The Environment Agency provides some really useful tools for homeowners including:

- A 3-day flood risk forecast

- How to make a flood plan

- A guide to preparing your property for flooding

If you live in a known flood area, use the tools above to look out for flood warnings in your area, and if you can, move items upstairs if there is a risk of flooding in your area.

Additionally, lots of water damage to homes is caused by escape of water within the property rather than from a naturally occurring flood.  If you find yourself in this situation you should:

- Turn off the water

- Find out where the flood is coming from?

- Call out a plumber if needed

Finally, regardless of whether your home has become damaged by storms, flooding or escape of water you should:

- Try not to dispose of any items

- If you have to dispose of items then photograph them first

- Move items away from the area effected to prevent further damage

- Take temporary measures to prevent further damage

- Don’t drink water out of the tap in a major flood

- Don’t turn electric on if it is a major flood

- Get your policy number

- Contact your home insurer as soon as possible for advice, and to get your claim moving. UIA Home Insurance policyholders can call us on 01438 518 855 or email