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The world’s worst tenants

Renting a property can be a great money-maker if you get the right tenants. On the other hand, if you don’t, it can be a living nightmare, as these landlords discovered….

1. The cannabis growers

Retired Royal Navy captain Richard Meryon and his wife Rosalind faced a nightmare in 2014 when they discovered the tenants who rented their furnished Devonshire home had wrecked the property, stripped it of furniture and turned it into a cannabis factory. When they finally got the couple evicted they faced a £56,000 bill for the damage – because their insurance policy was a standard home insurance policy, not specialist landlord cover.

2. The ones with an indoor swimming pool

Estate agents in Manchester were left seething when they found out that students had emptied the furniture out of a rented property’s living room to make way for an inflatable swimming pool. Upon inspecting the property, the agents found the pool fully inflated and filled with water. Worse still, they’d painted a beach scene on the wall and were throwing regular pool parties.

3. The one who burnt down the house

A man in Seattle who used a homemade blowtorch to try and kill a spider was left homeless after setting the house ablaze. The 24-year-old, who lived in the rental property with his mother, had used a can of spray paint and a lighter to try to chase the spider from a laundry room, but the fire quickly took hold leaving the house uninhabitable.

4. The one who trashed the place

An angry tenant took a sledgehammer to his landlord’s property after he was denied his €2,000 deposit back. Going on a rampage, the Frenchman destroyed a bathroom before smashing through doors and walls. He took the ultimate revenge by videoing the act and posting it online.

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