Nearly 2 million Brits will be enjoying the 2019 Festival season

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Top 5 Festival Safety Hacks


Nearly 2 million Brits will be enjoying the 2019 Festival season, and with so many to choose from – iconic ‘Glastonbury’ right through to your local ‘Goat Fest’ it’s no surprise they’re so popular. As a mutual insurance company we’re always interested to see where we can help our members and we were surprised at the results of a survey we commissioned that found more than a fifth of UK British adults suffered a theft at a festival – that amounts to an estimated 400,000 thefts at UK festivals.

Jon Craven, CEO at UIA Mutual Insurance, said “Our advice for festival-goers this summer is to take advantage of the security options such as onsite lockers, even if you have to pay a few pounds for them. We would also recommend that people insure their items before they attend, that way they are protected if something does go wrong.”

Other interesting festivals facts:

  • 20% of people have or know someone who has had a mobile phone stolen at a festival.
  • 22% of people estimate the value of items stolen to be worth £200 or more.
  • 50% of people said items were stolen from their onsite accommodation.

Our Top 5 festival safety hacks are - 

  • A cheap back-up phone – leave your smartphone at home
  • Waterproof phone pouch – keep your festival phone dry in the rain and safe around your neck
  • Refillable water bottle – some festivals charge £2 for a bottle of water, take a sturdy bottle and drink free tap water
  • Binbags – the most versatile festival item: sit on wet ground, separate muddy clothes and keep the valuables in your tent dry
  • Backpacks with no exposed zips – just because your valuables are on you, doesn’t mean people can’t get to them