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Travel Insurance – Claims Update

Information from Travel Claims Services in relation to call volumes and claims

Our claims handlers, Travel Claims Services are experiencing a large volume of calls and correspondence at the moment. This means it’s taking them much longer to answer calls and respond than they would like. We're really sorry and appreciate your patience and understanding.

Postal claim

Postal claims have been taking longer to process than normal. This is because Travel Claims Services had to temporarily close the office due to Coronavirus. They’re working through these claims now that staff have begun returning to the office and will contact customers who submitted postal claims as soon as possible.

What to do

If you’re submitting a cancellation claim that’s due to Coronavirus, please contact your airline, travel company or credit card provider for a refund in the first instance. That’s because travel insurance only covers costs that you’re unable to get refunded elsewhere. If you’ve already contacted your airline, travel company or credit card provider and you’re waiting to hear from them – please be patient. Our claims handlers won’t be able to review your claim until you’ve got a final answer from them – which you will need to provide written evidence of - please don't submit your claim without it.

Contact information

If you have any questions relating to an existing claim, please email at - if you have your claims reference number, please include that in your email. If you don’t hear back right away, this doesn’t mean the claim has been overlooked. Travel Claims Services are trying to deal with all claims as quickly as they can. Please check your inbox and answerphone regularly in case they have been in touch.

How to make a claim

If you would like to submit a new claim you can download a form on our website