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What hiding places are the most common?

The Underwear Drawer - Britain's Favourite Hiding Spot

  • Over a fifth (21%) of Brits hide valuables in their underwear drawer, an option now more popular than a traditional safe (19%)
  • Meanwhile some do get creative – 6% hide items behind photo frames, 3% in a hollowed-out book, and 2% in a bag of flour
  • More than a third (35%) of Brits hide their passports in their home, whilst 30% hide their birth certificate and 26% hide cash

An overwhelming majority of Brits have a fail-safe; a secret hiding spot for valuables chosen to be kept at home. Due to fears of burglary we’ve resorted to getting a bit creative, seeking out covert and often odd, nooks and crannies around the house to conceal our assets.

However, our new research, has found that a fifth (21%) of Brits fail to be original, and will hide valuables in their underwear drawer, now a more popular option than a traditional safe (19%). This is more prevalent with women – whom a quarter (25%) are guilty compared to just 15% of men.

Meanwhile, others do get innovative – hiding items behind photo frames (6%), in a hollowed-out book (3%) or even in a bag of flour (2%). And what are these ‘items’? Whilst a third (34%) of Brits may not hide any of their valuables, over a third (35%) will hide their passports, 30% hide their birth certificate, and a quarter (26%) hide cash.

But what about those that don’t necessarily have a high monetary value – but just should never, ever see the light of day? Embarrassing teenage ramblings recorded in diaries are kept, and hidden by 4% of those who responded – a practice more common than hiding art (3%).

The research also found an interesting difference in attitudes across the ages, with just a half (50%) of those aged over 55+ claiming they hide items in the home, whilst four fifths (79%) of 16 to 24 year-olds do. So with this, and the findings, it proves we may not be as savvy as we think when it comes to hiding our valuables

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