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Cheap Home Insurance

Beware of Cheap Home Insurance Exclusions

In your search for cheap house insurance you should never sacrifice comprehensive cover for lower premiums. Many cheap house insurance quotes will have low premiums because they will have numerous exclusions, leaving you potentially exposed should an insured event occur.

Check your Cover Thoroughly with a Cheap House Insurance Quote
Some cheap house insurance quotes will offer lower premiums, which will appeal to many customers. However, the reason for these low premiums is because the policy might not cover items and events which you might expect to be included as part of any standard house insurance agreement.

With house insurance from UIA, there are various options to consider that will help to reduce your premiums. Rather than compromising on cover to save money, why not budget your premiums by spreading the costs? With an interest free direct debit, UIA customers can spread payments over ten months - leaving you with two months of the year without having to pay anything at all.

Ensure Expensive Items Are Covered
If you have single items of high value, it is common for these to be excluded from any standard cheap house insurance policy. There would be nothing worse than discovering your prized possession wasn't covered by your house insurance after an insured event.

This is why UIA allow customers to add specific, expensive items to a policy to guarantee it is insured. It will increase your premiums but for your peace of mind, if an item is of major value, it is worth specifying cover for it on your policy.

Check House Insurance Covers High Risk Personal Possessions
There are a number of items that are considered high risk such as laptops and some common cheap home insurance policies won't cover these in the event of an insured incident.

It is a case of reading the small print and being prepared to ask your insurer what is and isn't covered in a policy. This is why UIA have professionally trained experts available in UK call centres to help you and answer any questions you may have on what is and isn?t covered as standard.

So finding cheap house insurance might not always be about low premiums but finding affordable insurance that provides the cover you need. Taking time to understand your policy will also ensure there is no future confusion.

To discover the extensive cover that UIA offer get a competitive house insurance quote online.

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