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Cheap House Insurance

More Than Just Cheap House Insurance

Purchasing cheap house insurance is all well and good but could you be missing out on getting a great service? Visit any insurance forum and you will find a selection of disgruntled customers who have encountered a poor service when they have made a claim on their cheap house insurance policy, backing up the old saying of 'you get what you pay for'.

When searching for a cheap house insurance quote, one of the first things you should be considering is what kind of service you will get from your insurer. This is however something that is very difficult to ascertain without first experiencing an insurance company's claims process!

Will You Get 24-Hour Support and Guidance with a Cheap House Insurance Policy?
As well as offering competitive house insurance premiums, UIA also provides a professional claims service. Operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from UK based call centres our claims service can be relied upon to offer you the right support if the time comes to make a claim. Listed below are some of the help and guidance UIA recommends that you consider and is offered as standard with UIA house insurance policies.

Covering the Cost of Alternative Accommodation
If you find a cheap house insurance quote, ensure that the cost of covering alternative accommodation is included as part of the package. If you are ever unfortunate enough to need to make a claim and your home becomes uninhabitable as a result, UIA will help with the costs of providing you with alternative accommodation (up to the policy limits). This can be of great benefit for homeowners, especially those with a young family or pets who need to find somewhere else to stay promptly. Not having to worry about the costs can also offer peace of mind and should certainly be considered when searching for house insurance.

Help Finding the Right Architects and Surveyors
Another service to consider when looking for cheap house insurance is that an insurance company will offer help and advice on finding the right architects and surveyors. If you take out a UIA house insurance policy, they will help you to find the right architects and surveyors to work on the repairs following an insured event. They will also help you with the costs attributed to these. To achieve this UIA have a network of contractors, builders and architects whom they can rely on to provide a thorough and professional service. This service will ensure that you aren't left feeling alone to deal with the rebuild or repairs of your house following an insured event.

So make sure that when you're getting a cheap house insurance quote you get the right level of service you need.

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