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Understanding the Difference Between Home and Contents Insurance

When looking for house and contents insurance, there may be many questions you want to consider. One of the main queries may be what is the difference between home and contents insurance and how do they work together?

For most people their property and possessions combined, make up the extent of their main assets so safeguarding these against theft or damage with combined home and contents insurance is important and should be considered carefully before signing up with any insurance company.

Home insurance (also referred to as buildings insurance) provides cover for the structure itself, including permanent fixtures and fittings such as baths and toilets, fitted kitchens and fitted bedroom cupboards and interior decorations. Home insurance policies also usually cover garages, greenhouses and garden sheds but this is certainly worth checking if you require this cover.

Contents insurance covers just about everything you would take with you if you moved house. Items that may be included are televisions, computers and other home electronics, furniture, carpets, kitchen equipment and clothes. Some policies also include the contents you store in your garden and garage too.

A combined home and contents insurance policy ensures that the majority of your assets are protected. Taking out a combined home and contents insurance policy with UIA will provide you with generous standard cover and you'll benefit from interest free direct debits, not to mention a 5% saving by combining the two.

UIA's Extensive Cover with Home and Contents Insurance
Now that we have established what the differences are between home and contents insurance we should consider what cover you can enjoy when you take out a policy with UIA.

A home and contents insurance policy with UIA provides cover for theft and damage caused by events such as fire, burglary and flood, with up to £1,000,000 as standard on buildings insurance and up to £75,000 as standard on contents insurance. However, if our standard limits are not sufficient for your personal circumstances you can always call our experienced customer service advisors on 01438 761776 to discuss your requirements.

With a home and contents insurance policy from UIA you could enjoy standard cover for:

  • Help with the cost of alternative accommodation should it be required (up to policy limits)
  • Accidental damage to home computer equipment and audio systems
  • New for old replacements (excluding house-hold linen and clothing)
  • Furniture, clothing and valuables
  • Accidental breakage of glass and mirrors
  • Replacement or fixing of door locks should keys get lost (£750 max)
  • Contents left in the garden (£500 max)

Your home and contents insurance also includes 24-hour assistance from experienced claims handlers in UK based call centres and the option to pay by interest free direct debit.

Save Money with a Combined Home and Contents Insurance
UIA will help cover any switching costs (up to £25) incurred from your mortgage lender if you decide to switch your buildings insurance to us in order to keep both policies together. You will also benefit by saving 10% on combined home and contents insurance at UIA.

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