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Home Contents Insurance

Home Contents Insurance with UIA

Home contents insurance is best understood as the cover you get for all of the possessions that make your house a home. You will need a valid home contents insurance policy in order to protect your personal belongings from theft, damage or loss.

Another way to describe items covered by home contents insurance would be all of the things you would take with you if you moved house. These include items such as computers and other home electronics, furniture, televisions, curtains, carpets, kitchen equipment and clothes. UIA's home contents insurance will insure all these possessions from theft, fire or flood.

What's Covered By UIA's Home Contents Insurance?
A standard UIA home contents insurance policy covers (up to policy limits):

  • Home computer, home office and home entertainment equipment
  • Furniture, furnishings and household goods
  • Valuables and clothing
  • Accidental breakage of mirrors and glass
  • Replacing and fixing door locks after keys have been stolen
  • Contents left in the garden
  • Shrubs, plants and trees
  • Personal belongings in the home, including those of visitors (£500 limit for visitors)

Working out how much all of your content could cost to replace or repair could be a complicated and time consuming task, this is why UIA offer generous cover up to £75,000 as standard on home contents insurance; designed to be sufficient for most homes. You can also enjoy interest free direct debit payments allowing you to budget monthly for your home contents insurance.

It is important to remember that accidental damage to contents will not be covered with our standard home contents insurance policy. However, this can be added to your policy!

Peace of Mind with Extra Home Contents Insurance
It is possible to upgrade your standard insurance policy to become more comprehensive and include accidental damage cover for your personal possessions and home's contents. An upgrade to your home contents insurance can also cover your personal belongings away from your property, for instance if you took an extended holiday in Europe and, for a limited 30 day period, the rest of the world.

Other individual benefits that you can add to your home insurance policy include:

  • Cover for sports and camping equipment (up to £2,500 per item pair or set)
  • Cover for bicycles away from the home (up to £300 each, maximum of five)

Home Contents Insurance Covers You While Renting!
If you are in rented accommodation you should certainly consider taking out home contents insurance cover to safeguard your personal belongings. For more information about this see our Flats, Studios and Houses Insurance for the Home page.

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