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Specialist Items Not Covered by House Contents Insurance

Did you know that some specialist or expensive possessions might not fall under the cover of your house contents insurance policy? Therefore, if you have a number of specialist or expensive items in your home you should notify your insurer to ensure that they have the cover needed.

UIA's house contents insurance is designed to be comprehensive so that most possessions are covered (UIA provide up to £75,000 contents insurance). However, some items are often referred to as 'high risk' or, if you need cover for your personal possessions away from the home, you may be required to notify your insurer and in some cases, take out additional cover.

High Risk Specialist Items
What is a high risk speciality item? Some common examples that most people think are naturally covered by a house contents insurance policy include, expensive jewellery like engagement rings, high-end photography equipment or works of art.

These are generally seen as expensive items that will cost a lot of money to replace or repair but could also make your property more appealing to burglars. For this reason it is recommended that you notify your house insurance provider to, firstly make sure the expensive item(s) can be covered, and secondly to take out any single item cover that you might need.

UIA offer single item cover to insure these high risk speciality items and you will need proof of a recent valuation or a receipt of purchase so that the right level of cover can be provided.

Specialist Items Away From the Home
There is some cross-over between high risk items and those that fall under the term away from home like jewellery or expensive bikes, so you will need to specify these items. A house contents insurance policy will generally cover most of the basic items that can be taken away from the home but if you want more specialist items to continue to be insured, you will need to notify your insurance provider.

Bicycles are a common possession that needs to be specified for cover away from the home. UIA's insurance when purchased online will cover up to five bicycles away from home for up to £300 each. Other common items that could be insured away from home include laptops, MP3s and sporting and camping equipment. All of these things can be covered by taking additional cover with UIA.

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