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House Insurance Cover

About House Insurance Cover from UIA

Finding the right house insurance cover is essential for any homeowner. It ensures that your home and possessions are covered should the unthinkable happen. Whilst finding the right house insurance cover is important in terms of costs, making sure that it covers you for the right period is just as important. This is why you should check that you are covered for 365 days of the year.

House insurance cover from UIA insures your house and the contents for a period of 12 months but when does it start, what happens when your 12 months cover is coming to an end and what needs to happen if your circumstances change?

When Does Your House Insurance Cover Start?
UIA can provide you with house insurance cover straight away if needed, just call 0800 012 1591 or get a quote online. However, more commonly, we will provide you with an insurance quote and honour it for up to 30 days, so long as your house insurance cover requirements don't change in that period, whilst you assess the options available to you.

How Will House Insurance Cover be Affected by a a Change in Circumstances?
It is possible to make additions to your policy once you have house insurance cover from UIA, however, it is important to notify us straightaway if this is the case. This is done to avoid being underinsured, for instance, if you have just had major building work carried out you may need to update your policy to guarantee it is covered.

This could increase your premiums but will mean that, should an insured event occur items will be covered and replaced as new (except household linen and clothes). It is also worth stressing that any additions to your policy won't affect the original house insurance cover.

Coming To the End of Your House Insurance Cover
The best way to pay for your house insurance cover with UIA is by interest free direct debits allowing you to budget and plan for the cost. UIA spread your payments over ten months so that you can enjoy the benefit of two months without having to pay anything!

To ensure you receive continuous cover, if you pay for your house insurance by direct debit your policy will automatically renew at the end of the 12 month period. We will however contact you as your renewal date approaches to remind you of your payment plan and policy so you will always be in control.

When you take out house insurance cover with UIA you will be entitled to 24-hours a day, 7 days-a-week access to experienced and professional claims handlers in UK call centres. And, if you combine both your buildings and contents insurance you will also benefit from a 5% saving from UIA.

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