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House Insurance Quotes

Help your house insurance quote by keeping a healthy home

Maintaining your property could be the key to getting a competitive house insurance quote. The benefits of maintaining a healthy home are immediate and could save time and reduce stress in the future, whilst ensuring that any future claims you make are valid and honoured.

The key benefit of maintaining a healthy home is reducing the risk of damage caused by fires, flooding and burglary.

There are a number of things you can do to maintain your property before getting a house insurance quote.

Keep the Gutters Clean
It sounds like an obvious task but can be quite arduous, especially during the autumn and winter months when its importance increases, but it is well worth doing on a regular basis. Blocked guttering can lead to a build-up of water, which can contribute to the spread of damp and mould. There is also the worry that under the weight of so much water, the guttering could break.

Always Check Wiring
Worn or faulty wiring can be a common cause of house fires so it is vital that you check these often. If you have a pet that roams around the house make sure they aren't able to chew through any wires by using cable tidies and protectors.

Test Your Alarms
Burglar alarms and smoke alarms are a great way to help reduce the threat of fire or burglary and reduce the risk of having to make a house insurance claim. Always remember to check the batteries on a regular basis and don't forget to change them when the old ones run out too. Having a burglar alarm working and visible can also help when looking for a house insurance quote.

These simple measures can help to maintain your property and they might help you when looking for future house insurance quotes. To discover what UIA cover, get a quote for house insurance online.

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