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Does Working From Home Affect Household Insurance?

Working from home is something that thousands of people do every year. This could simply be taking work home or starting their own business from the comfort of their house. However, does this affect your household insurance?

The issue of working from home and how it affects your household insurance is a common source of confusion amongst thousands of homeowners each year. Much of this stems from what you can and cannot do before a household insurance policy is affected.

Jobs that don't Affect UIA's Household Insurance
There are some areas of work you can do from home on a regular basis that won't affect your household insurance. These include working from home in an administrative capacity or if you set up a company from home that only requires you to conduct basic clerical activities, your household insurance will still cover you.

Many website-based companies are a popular venture for entrepreneurs working at home and because the duties are clerical and administrative they won't affect household insurance.

Jobs that do Affect UIA's Household Insurance
Household insurance will be affected when you keep physical stock or money, related to the business, at home or meet clients at your house. Any equipment, including specialised equipment, bought for the purposes of work will not be covered following an insured event.

A good example is if you started work as a welder in your garage. The threat of fire will be increased, which would, in turn, increase your premiums. To cover any business equipment it is likely you will need a specialist insurance policy.

Additionally, if you decide to employ someone you will need, by law, to have Employee Liability Insurance which will not be included in a household insurance policy.

To protect your home and its content get a household insurance quote online.

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