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Insurance for your Home

Insurance for your House, Flats and Studios

Insurance for your house from UIA doesn't just apply to houses. Both homeowners and people renting flats and studios can also benefit from UIA's competitive premiums and generous cover.

Get Insurance for Your House from UIA if You've Just Moved Home
When moving home you will need insurance for your new house. UIA offer a comprehensive package to cover both the property and the contents.

Owning a house will more than likely create the need for both buildings and contents insurance. UIA customers can benefit by combining the two and save 10% on a combined policy, perfect if you are looking for extensive insurance for your house. So, what are the differences between the two types of insurance?

Buildings insurance covers the structure and any fixtures and fittings of the property and contents insurance covers your possessions like electrical equipment and furniture.

You can find a more detailed description about house insurance in another of our guides.

Renting or Buying a Flat or Studio? Get Insurance for the House from UIA
What is the main difference for insurance for the house when it is a flat or studio? If you live in a flat or studio and you are taking out insurance for your home you will notice the policies aren't quite the same as they are for a house. This is because when you buy a flat or studio the buildings insurance is usually covered en bloc by the freeholder, so you are likely to only need contents insurance.

However, what constitutes a flat? UIA consider any self-contained spaces with their own separate lockable entrance as flats or studios. These will need contents insurance. UIA offer up to £75,000 contents cover as standard and your contents will be insured against fire and smoke damage and theft, for example.

So whatever you call home, whether it is a flat, a studio or a house, UIA have you covered. Get a house insurance quote online now.

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